7 Lines of Work for Personal and Planetary Development

The process of personal and planetary development, what we refer to as The Work, proceeds along many lines. A balanced integration of these various lines or approaches is needed to sustain a healthy unfolding of this development. John G. Bennett, prompted by clues from his teacher G. I. Gurdjieff, formulations from several ancient traditions, and his own insights described just such a balanced approach in his book, The Sevenfold Work. In summary he spoke of seven lines of Work: three active lines, three receptive lines, and one neutral line.

We are currently undertaking a study of these seven lines of Work as they apply to our own lives, our communities, and the world at large. If you are interested in joining us for this practical enquiry please contact us here.


A brief outline of the seven lines of work is given below:

The Seven Lines of Work

Active Lines:

First Line - Assimilation – Learning - Study

In the first line, we are active in taking into ourselves from outside.

Context: world.

Second Line - Struggle – Generating energies

In the second line, we are active from inside to inside,

Context: myself.

Third Line - Service

In the third line, we are active from inside to outside.

Context: community.

Neutral Line:

Fourth Line - Manifestation – “Getting out of the way”

In the fourth line, we are neither active nor receptive.

Context: action.

Receptive Line:

Fifth Line - Receptivity - Help

In the fifth line, we are receptive in taking from outside.

Context: community.

Sixth Line - Submission

In the sixth line, we are receptive within, from inside to inside.

Context: myself.

Seventh Line- Purity – Acceptance - Grace

In the seventh line, we are receptive to what is beyond us.

Context: world.